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Customizable Skin Care System For All Ages and Skin Conditions

Sonäge means “his or her age” in French. The French have a saying for beauty: “etre bien dans sa peau”, which literally translates as “to be well in one’s skin”. When they say a woman is “well” in her skin, it means she’s comfortable with her own particular brand of beauty and accentuates what she has, but never tries too hard. Go natural rather than make-up, and nurture your naked skin. Our mission at Sonäge is to keep your skin well and healthy no matter what your age.

Sonäge was created at a time when it was a struggle to find European grade quality products to treat a client’s skin condition. Sonäge products are formulated with superior botanical ingredients, progressive stimulants, innovative technology, luxurious fragrances and paraben free to guarantee your clients’ healthier and more youthful skin.

Sonäge professionals have adopted our philosophy that a supreme aromatherapy line with progressive actives can restore and maintain your client’s skin health for decades! When you compare our products to other products out there, you may find some of the same ingredients but I guarantee you that you will not find them in the high quantity and of the superior quality as in our formulations.

Our results driven products have an extremely high retention rate as people are pleased with how their skin is transformed. Our extraordinary products are competitively priced because we do not spend big advertising or marketing dollars.

We recently re-launched our retail line in beautiful and very functional packaging and also added key product benefits.

We have made a conscious decision to add minimal natural preservatives to maintain the shelf life of our products and guarantee its efficacy for two years. In an ideal world we would like to use all organic ingredients but they have a much shorter shelf life and the risk of turning rancid or contaminated is very high. The damage caused by contaminated organic products is much greater than natural preservatives. We continue to invest in new research on a regular basis, and will add/replace ingredients and add new products to keep our line revolutionary.